Here’s the arena changes we all actually want

  1. Coins cannot be used. You earn your tickets through Arena RNG or save what you pull from stashes, daily rewards, log-ins etc. Coins should not be a factor. Ever. Maybe let people use 1000 coins to bring back an Exhausted toon in Endurance but otherwise no

  2. Less Endurance. You changed it from 2 weekly to 3. Just no, one Endurance a week, 4 domination and Champions Endurance.

  3. Remove S Class and Created Weapons from Draft Defense. We can’t pull S Class from the Draft so how’s it fair facing one or two in it? No, remove this stuff

  4. Make it so thatduplicates aren’t allowed on teams in ANY arena type. This would remove some truly toxic teams. Also limit special toons (Recife, Human Shield) to one of each per team. Disable all Defense team mods for arenas where our own Mods are disabled

  5. Stop mixing Platinum and Diamond into the same Champions Arena. Hardly fair, terrible design decision

  6. Improve the Entry Milestone rewards. Currently they’re trash, include S Class items in a bundle of 50 starting at 5 entries.

  7. Improve the overall arena rewards. Add S Class Items in Bundles of 50. First gets 10 Choice Boxes. 2-5 get 8. 6-10 get 6. 11-20 get 4. 21-30 get 2 and anyone else gets 1.

  8. Make it so league trophies earned in Arena don’t count towards our weekly standings. Many people lose ranks and even demote because of whales in higher up arenas. Instead have these trophies apply solely to our Solo League trophies milestones

  9. Open an Arena Store. Placements gain yo tokens (in a decent amount) The store will include an Arena exclusive S-Class, S-Class items. Gear an Arena Exclusive Gen 2 6* and collection items for events that may be running

  10. If spenders want to spend out them in a separate arena bracket to the F2P grinders. Nothing puts us F2P off a game mode more than seeing a whale spending their way to their top. If someone uses coins at all during an Arena week they’re instantly moved to a Spenders Bracket and removed from the F2P scoreboards and match-ups. This would create a much fairer playing environment and encourage the F2P to participate.

Socthere you have it; my ideas for Arena that would not only improve the mode but greatly improve it for all players. Give actual decent rewards and make it worth the time and effort.

It’s just a shame none of these ideas will be ever implemented because you want your money! MONEY PLEASEEEWW! SOMEONE GOT BORED ON YOUR CAR AND STARTED A FIRE AND IT WASN’T MEEEEEEE


I think you just wasted 5-10 minutes of your life typing that. To be fair, I wasted 30 seconds.


I think they’re all fantastic suggestions and a decent company might actually take stuf like this into account. Sadly I know it was wasted time because $copely. But I thought I’d line out some decent changes anyways

That’s too fair. This is scopley your talking too. Remove the whales into their own class where they’d have to face each other and not stomp all over f2p to earn massive points? Blasphemy!!!

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I’ve seen a lot of great suggestions over the years. I don’t think I’ve seen one implemented. It’s like they see them and do the opposite. Not even joking.

It’s all a good idea. But in regards to 4, any arena that says no mods, no mods work on offense or defense

Its funny cause the whales preach about not wanting to stomp but their actions show otherwise

Me like some of these.Like the S-class thing TF is that?Saw this in gold and bronze and not a single person could beat them lmao.

to be fair, not everyone wants those changes. for myself, and probably there are a few others who feel the same way, im basically happy with how arenas is laid out now, except that points given when defeated should be standard across all players. and start and end times should randomly change.

also, let defenses have use of the players full roster, multiples and s class and all. so that we can have the true test of each players roster strength. in fact we can even let them exhaust toons used each day, leading towards champions arena. that rewards and incentivizes players to build deeper rosters.

i dont mind if coin use and endurance mode is restricted, as long as the above are implemented, let it be free and open straight up competition.

I preferred having 7 arenas, gave me more to do and more chances to earn champions tickets and rings. So then it was 5 domination and 2 endurance which was a nice balance. Whales could whale, while the rest of us stood a chance at competing.


Agree with most. Dont agree with some.

Endurance didn’t change, it was 3 still 3, 2 weekly 1 champion, what changes was domination arenas… from 5 to 3. I think 7 arenas better than 5, rest could stay as it is. I don’t mind people be able to coin that’s the game, tbh I’m really surprised at how ingenuous people are or maybe they just don’t understand that this is a business. Asking for not be able to coin or for f2p arena servers? Really? Common you can’t think your suggestion will be even taken seriously asking for no coins arenas? suggestions have to be realistic or they are just 1 more thread to be ignored.


This was my number one … I liked more arenas a week… More chances at rings and Tix… the only one I agree with on Main post is draft arenas changes
They will never nor should they make it where p2p face only p2p… People pay to be at the top and rightly should be
There should always be a way for f2p to grind and be almost even with p2p but if someone is putting money into something they should have an advantage
But draft still needs a lot of work


Draft is one of my favs… I don’t have issues with it, add S Class will make it easier, good for everyone but I like the challenge how it is now.

I just don’t like the weapons … I draft an Amber with her non upgraded weapon to face someone with huge AP and 40 atk on same Amber … I also would like a lead skill to be incorporated… that way you have to draft a lead

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Amber isn’t a good choice for draft js. I can’t think how they could incorporate upgrade weapons, there are so many possibilities. If they put 1 upgrade people will complain they want another, idk how they could do that tbh. I’m suspect to talk about draft cause is one of my fav and where I do better so I’d let as it is cause I have no issues, I really enjoy the challenge.

  1. I don’t mind the use of coins so much during regular arenas. As long as there are 3 domination for every endurance mode. And coins absolutely should not be in championship arenas. Or maybe just allow one coined ticket, so if you have 9 for example, you can use the 10 ticket entry.

  2. I think the previous system was great. 2 endurance and 5 domination iirc. If staying with fewer like this week, I agree 1 endurance arena is plenty.

  3. I agree that if s-class isn’t allowed to be drafted, don’t allow them on defense. Personally, i think a better move would to be make defense teams drafted too. But they definitely need to put s-class in the attack draft, or any update of this mode is pointless.

  4. I don’t mind that dupes are allowed, mostly. But I wouldn’t mind if they expanded that restriction to some of the other modes. Maybe change it for 2 arenas each week? I do think mods should be disabled, or make removal always free. I’d love to use arenas as a playground for new teams and strategies. But nope…mods…

As for rewards, I like the ideas, as long as they are added. Not put in as replacements. Definitely needs improvement though, in every corner of this game.

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Simple solution, make the defense drafted too :slight_smile: then no one gets full advantage of crafted weapons.

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Maybe draft def with no upgrade weapons could be the solution, I think it’s more realistic to restrict it on def than incorporate it on atk.

Amber is nuts for draft lol , get the right team with her and you’re winning on turn 2