Here’s some suggestions for you going into the future

  1. Don’t release anymore S-Class or broken OP toons. The S-Class we have? Make their collection items more readily available for F2P players. I’m talking if you run a roadmap for cones again don’t use torches, use energy. Do away with torches and do away with collection items in Premier Recruits

  2. Remove all chances at 4* from the Premier wheels. Instead replace the 4* with 5* trainers. Make it so we can only pull Ascendable, 6*, 5*. Chance of pulling an Ascendable 5*/6* should be 10-15%. Don’t make people waste money

  3. Do away with Survivor’s club, it’s a total rip off and I don’t know a soul on my entire server who had it. Instead give every player a free pull everyday as standard. If you do a free pull as standard fee free to leave the wheels as they are. Most games do free pulls daily, you’re one of the only ones that doesn’t

  4. Stop cancelling war and other events and giving us Level Up. Horde shouldn’t have been cancelled neither should War

  5. Improve event rewards and wheels, give us a war wheel with some damn desirable toons. He’ll give us a chance of an S-Class in the war wheels

  6. Separate region war so the regions with the biggest spenders face other spender regions. F2P don’t enjoy facing whales. No-one does


best of luck

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I don’t see the argument about having less S-class characters released. It gives both F2P and paying players options into deciding what kind of S-class they want, especially if they have to decide on what collection items they want to collect using torches.

Most people don’t even have 1 S-class, so it isn’t like releasing more S-class will drastically change anything.

People that don’t like Pete or Priya, can now save up torches to use for the new character. People that don’t like any can save up for future releases.

Really good ideas but we know scopely. They don’t even like giving people good odds for their real money, never mind something for free

Well it’s true that you’ll have a lot of time to save up torches while waiting for a ftp s class.

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