Here’s my latest video guys any team suggestions


Good video my only suggestion is to pep up a little bit. Sound a little more excited you might be a little bit too melancholy

Yeah I know that’s always been a issue of mine I never been able to talk with emotion

You have theVoices for it. Maybe you could script a little bit and practice. I think you’ll do well just don’t give up.

If i ever see roadie in draft arena, I grab her straight away, she does massive burn damage, and it spreads, everywhere! I wish I had her in my roster, you lucky devil!

The video itself is ok, your thoughts are generally pretty solid, it just comes across a bit flat, - but keep up the good work.

I’m jelly cause I want her! Lol. Nice video. And yeah i would use a little inflection in your voice when your doing these to pep it up some. I’m not saying talk like a used car salesman but you could sound a little more enthused. I’m not a video critic or anything. I’m just offering a suggestion that may help improve your video and bring more ppl to interest in it. I subscribed. Thanks! Team with all melee looked great. But I think she benefits well in either you made.