Here’s my Beheading michonne


Your videos are getting better keep up the good work!

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I use her myself in teams mostly paired with Diego lead and 6 star prya, probably the best decap toon I have.

Beheading is a great specialist skill


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In my opinion, since you were running Shield Lee, you could’ve replaced Princess with Bruce since Princess relies on being attacked.

Ok thank you for the advice

Damn - another one short of flags! Hope they put up a flag map for yourself and others as well.

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I maxed mine and only really use her in sr. Good video :slight_smile:

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I am close to maxing mine T4 level 70, and plan on throwing some veteran rings on her, I was thinking of using her against all the Pete teams that have been turning up in my region recently. What mods have you gone for on yours? and have you tinkered with the weapon much?