Here’s an idea to help the game

Since scopely wants to consolidate regions for more competition why not just make regions tier based and have rewards fit the level of competition
With entry based off league standing by doing this you create a more hospitable atmosphere for all level of players.
region 1 players have to be in diamond league at the start of the season top rewards being sclass collections and gen 2 6s
Region 2 players have to be in platinum league at the start of the season top rewards being gen 1-2 6
Region 3 gold league and lower rewards being gen 1 6*s

This is just a rough idea but the point is clear it will entice more spending with similar competition at all levels of the game
All regions have a massive amount of inactive players To make this transition painless make it an option and close other regions

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Just a rough concept like I said but would be cool to have an option for high level activity with similar strength players

It would not take much effort to make 3 new regions with different reward sets btw @GR.Scopely

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