Here’s an idea scopely

revamp how regions work! The simplest way would be a classification system in which event rewards are tiered based on the region. Create multiple levels of regions similar to leagues. By doing this correctly you will nurture both pay and free players. Competition creates more spending in the end. Moderate spenders will not spend to keep up with whales it’s the opposite they quit spending all together as there is no point and free players either stop playing or play little. The current system is losing millions for the company every month! U could revamp the system to keep the game competitive for all this way and make more money.
The way I’d do it is by a combination of team grade and prestige. While going up to a higher level is ok a whale amongst free players doesn’t work. Only allow 1 region consolidating all assets to 1. Make it a 5 tier system when someone progresses into the next tier force region change. I know some may not like this due to friendship across levels similar players tend to flock together and have the same mindsets anyways. This would make the game great for every level of player and make the company more money!


This is a bad idea sorry

worst idea ever

Bad idea team grade isnt just based on what you spend and majority play for their friends and faction mates. This would kill the game.

the way they open , close ,class regions is already fkd, they are totally clueless and lost as to what’s going on, this proposal will just make them even more retarded then they already are

And the only reason they have classed regions in waves is so they put in as little work and effort as possible when it comes to things like toc.
to hell with what the playerbase thinks they don’t give a crap if you can’t go where you want or with friends.

It’s like Leagues but actual Leagues.OMG! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes! It’s a great idea then!

the people u play with have similar teams so it wouldn’t really change much I’m just saying the gap is an issue and the vast majority have absolutely nothing to play for since they get crushed all the time the current system only benefits the top 2 maybe 3 factions in the region and crw is a joke to most and it shouldn’t be that way if you fought similar level players it would be more enjoyable for everyone and i do understand friendship within faction makes the game though ps it’s not fun to turn 1 lower factions almost a waste of time

Just a concept nothing concrete on how it would be grouped but I think it’s possible to have different tiers of gameplay and still maintain the basics

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Oooooo No i bought the offer so i Will leave the faction sorry

Simply put, scopely does not understand making game more fun, fair, competitive, etc while making money at the same time. They have zero interest in gaining more players, turning f2p into mild spenders, turning mild spenders into whales, etc. They only know how to squeeze the whales for every last drop of cash. The ones calling the shots at scopely do not understand gaming in general or RTS, they only know and care about making every penny possible, which is kinda of a paradox? Idk if that is the right word, but it is strange the way they do things cause they can do things right, fix the game, close the gap, give us fun events, etc and gain more spenders and make more money, they go against what they are trying to ultimately do/what they care about which leads to theorys about sunsetting or incompetence whoch has to be one of the two. 1. They are sunsetting the game by slowly pushing players away till numbers drop to a certain amount then they take the game off servers or 2. They are incompetent and do not understand they can actually make more money. For example, i have the money to blow, i can be a whale, i choose to not spend because of the things scopely has and continues to do. As a gamer, businessman, person with a semi functional brain, i can not understand how scopely does not understand they are losing players, money, reputation amd instead can gain players, make more money and gain a good reputation. :man_shrugging:


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