Here is how Scopely Scopely does match ups

Makes sense? Not really…


Well your only 8 ranks from them. I see matchups rank 40 vs rank 1-5 all the time


You’re such a baby, that’s almost as even as it can get. You seem only wanting to fight factions ranked lower then you which is why this game isn’t meant for you.


looks like vets vs newer players lmao.
Yeah the region matching is pretty shit.


Rep isn’t an indication of power, don’t pay any attention to that.


Nice troll thread

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Two teams in the top 15 facing each other during the space of a 54 hour war weekend? Madness


Thanks for your thoughtful and intelligent reply. I am so glad you weren’t judgemental. Have a great day and enjoy being so all-knowing!

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Rofl, good point.

You guys are basically getting the same prizes as of now so really not terrible.

Besides, the matchmaking is really “matchmaking”. It’s a list. Next two up get matched. Strength is not a factor.

My faction is in placed 35 we faced the top teams over and over etc most of my faction mates only have 9+ Or below teams facing 10-10+ Factions

You are so welcome. I’m happy to assist anyone in need and if you feel like you want to keep talking to me then you can contact me on line.


We are 82 (low activity) but matched with top 5 constantly


We are ranked 140. Getting paired with top 20 most fights. Top 60 rest of time


With a 16 region war and limited factions that actually do war your gonna get that. Only gonna run into the ones warring.

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That’s the results every war regardless of how many factions are involved. it hasn’t changed in more than a yr.

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Used to really enjoy war. Would always hit all milestones. ive hit all once in 2 yrs. Hit 3 about 3 times. If i run 65 fights ill end up with about 45k


We’ve faced rockdales 4 top factions over and over again

I wholeheartedly agree, matchmaking sucks toes :footprints: It’s always been pretty lousy imo

This is what war looks like for me & mine. And this isn’t a every once in awhile thing, it’s every time! It has been, 8 months or more since we’ve been paired with anyone even remotely close to us. Which make milestones, difficult to say the least. I’m lucky if I can win one match, just bc RNG worked for me for once.


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