Here are shields Lee and Magna

What do u guys think. I believe they are as good as Green Hershel but their stats are what count


I like magna better than lee

F2p shields for everyone thats been asking for one for ages.


Not s class, so they trash


they all nearly useless because today is S Class era


Looks nice but a few months too late in terms of usefulness

Should’ve just went the war route and gave us an exclusive survival road s class to work toward


Ajax is insulted


magna just another raid shield

If we were still in an era without Sclass, 2 Lees and a Raven on a def team would be pretty sorted, because if the opponent doesn’t bring focus, it’s very likely that they would severely struggle to gain enough AP to rush.
But we live in Sclass times now, so that was just a waste of typing.


Who even uses magna as a shield shield

That ar is not on many other toons

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That’s a good point, that Magna is excellent for an attack team. The AR and AS combine excellently for somebody like Morgan or Amber to take advantage (and impair is always good too), then you have the shield aspect if needed to keep somebody alive.

Why they keep making stupid stats for tanks?


Loooooool trashhhh, dumpster fire meets garbage juice looool

A Gen2 shield option is not bad, however their AR and active are strange:

1.- On Lee’s Stun is a old and basic skill that can be resisted easily, not a good on a first sight, his AR is OK, it keeps his initial essence plus 3 turn of elusive… For A Shield have low HP and DEF…

2.- Magna seems a better choicedue to her DEF, lack on HP but it can be compensated, the problem with her is that stun is resisted easily and their Active gives +40% ATK for 2 turns, one more than Lee’s AR, could help to finish the enemy with the other’s AR. Could work with a debuffer like Harper, debuf yuor enemy, buff yoursel and destroy everything…

In my opinion Magna is better but overall we need more Defensive toons as shields…


Lee seems better on defense.

Magna on attack

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The magna is the better it seems. I just think its a bit late for any relevance to the game today with S class being the new era. Maybe useable. We shall see. At least maybe in raids?

Not free.
It will cost something
Like always

Free shield so I aren’t complaining

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About 400k+ SR markers to T4. Already near redundant anyway due to S class toons one shotting them. Waste of time investing in these.

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Will be on shot dead vs sclass, like 5* shield vs 6*