Hengyen Roadmap crashing, can't play at all

It crashes at the beginning of the first stage. Can’t even play it lool. Screen goes black and app closes. Happened everytime (5-6 times)
Whenever I hit ‘next’ on this (screenshot)
Huh? Huuurrrgghh???

Please fix it. Thanks.

At least u can play ive been logged out for 22 days now :confused:

Sorry to hear that Seated, hope they fix it for us.

@JB.Scopely @topher @ForumAdmin

Please help with these issues. Cleared cache and everything but still can’t do that roadmap. Thanks in advance.

Mine works Ok but why all stages are with zombie ? How can we test how new specialist skill works when not even single stage is with humans :man_facepalming:t2:


I told you all that the bugs are going to ramp up as a distraction from bucketgate!

Remember. Remember. The 26th of September. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

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Brooooooo I still can’t play it whaaaatttt hunnhh?? :
Think Scopely will ignore this one cause apparently am the only one affected by it. But I cleared cache man and even uninstalled reinstalled danced around it chanting Laopo prayers :confused: my bucket needs bug exterminator this one time…halp!

@GR.Scopely pls

His Sclass version has 1000 bleed for 5 turns in rush hahaha what a focking joke.
Im still waiting for duke nukem toon with atom bomb :joy::joy::joy:

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How I quit the game?

I just try to play this roadmap and back to my home screen…

Bumpity bump

That’s how it starts. People start getting map crashes. Then territories crash. Then your inbox and profile. To eventually you end up like me & Seated and the da.mn thing crashes when you launch it.


Still can’t play it. In-game support said they will fix it 2 days back after sending yall the clip of the crashing bug. Still not fixed. Help!

@ForumAdmin @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely

@Bepis I have asked for an update by the team on this issue.


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Thank you so much. :smiley:

Bump for 2 turns to dazed Bepis

Still can’t play it. Can play everything else in rm, even completed the Laopo 2 roadmap but this map still Hengs and crashes

I’m Hangyen in there and still waiting @GR.Scopely hopefully will be able to play it before it goes away. Please and thanks.

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