Hengyen museum cake trade in?

Has Hengyen been in the museum as a cake trade in yet. I see Aarav is but thought he was released after Heng ?

They skipped him, no museum trade in yet.

Can’t be sure, but I would expect him next. Still thinking about whether I should get Guo just in case it’s not.

We will know in a day or two when VK posts up the next collection, Scopely thinks we like surprises so they won’t tell us.

Best advice possible at this point is ctl + alt + delete. Period! This game is not worth the typing here in this useless forum!

Will wait and see then iv got him at lvl 90 rdy so would be good to know

They eventually do him since they missed raulito and did him. I want a princess tough or strong collection. Or a zander collection since we got him.

They didn’t miss Raulito, they just had Pete in between (who they actually did miss, but his collection works differently so the promo barely made any sense at all)

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Anyone have an idea on the next promo that will b used?

Leaks usually come out on saturday.

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