Hengyen Mods and weapon

Hey Guys can i get some help with Hengyen , just pulled him , should i go for a full crit mods ? Or attack one ? And what about his sword 40 crit or 35 attack ?

Thanks you for ur responce appreciate it

Sword should be 40 crit. Dont use crit set! I say HP set, then attack or def or more HP, crit chance, stun resist, defense from green/strong, ap drain. He isnt like a decap really where you need to put all attack on him, he just has to apply crosshairs and no matter who kills that enemy with crosshairs they will be decapped. I say HP cause we have lots of bleed, burn, maim going around and these hit HP directly bypassing def.


depends what level u compete in. if ur team is mostly gen 1 6* then the attack part of hengyens rush might matter.

but if ur fighting at s class level then crit is the way to go. on this point, some good players have said that the crit on weapon OR crit chance mod is good enough to have ur toon critting often. no need to do both. something about some kind of diminishing returns. im not sure about that, and id rather ensure he crits as often as possible so ill stack crit chance on mod and weapon and also levelup the turn 1 crit AS.


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