Hengyen cakes for next 1-2 month

Looks like scopely doesnt know how to make choice boxes for events :man_shrugging:t2:

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It’s a choice box.

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True. So choice boxes with more than one Sclass items :joy:

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So it’s not that they don’t know how to make choice boxes, because they already did, They don’t want to add different collectibles.

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White cakes??? Where is Raulito items??? They followed a natural release order with the first 3 items, but missed the 4th one. Absolutely disgusting!!

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The epic tokens seem ok

Just look on the bright side, the Hengyen/Araav combo is going to become more meta-centric soon so at least you can strive for that lol. I know it’s all part of scopely’s plan to make me think like this but at least it’s not chocolate cakes.

Pretty sure the same people aren’t intended to place top 3 in every single level up. So having the same rewards over a period of time should in theory give more people a chance to win them.

Only it doesn’t work because some people are obsessed with winning even if they don’t need the prize. Giving more choice in the box would just give the whales more incentive to win every time.


Yes but what with people who need to level up their now important toons or even new sclass and dont want hengyen? They have to wait ? Or waste good points for things they dont need?
This reward structure is sick. They do periods for everything in game. Fast ap teams, then maim was popular, now bleed etc.
Lot of people still need keys, cones and maybe even laopo cakes or want go for aarav, raulito etc
This makes game really boring, most teams look same, there is no variations like it was on 5* era

Choice box in every event should be standard . Lot of ftp are prepared for really high scores so whales are not big problem here
Scopely its just mean for their players…


I just claimed my 2nd Hengyen yesterday, so this reward looks good AF for me…
Still, I’d like choice boxes with collectibles, even if this means more people would be pushing for 1st place.

Right. Those are the same people that complain an item they don’t need should be taken out of rewards. :joy::joy:

Yeah would be awesome getting crushed by double aarav by next war…

nadie quiere al raulito :"v
1 minuto de silencio por las balas

We know it’s a choice box we’re not blind all we asking is to add all the different collectibles

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