Helt to Choose from Museum and Store Season II

So here is the thing. Those are the toons from new store Right and they are great. Well Tara and Sandy are those interesting for me, because I run range attack, my defense though is shit atm.

I don’t have any good defender beside fast Jessie healer and Ezekiel. ATM I run Ezekiel as rainbow leader and have Jesus, spencer, governor and hunter revieve.

My plan is / was to grab either Rose or Princess from museum and put for defense because of Their AR. Princess has indomitable and rush with 250% and taunt up to 3 for 1 turn and gains hp and pain split for 3 turns… so the big plan was getting her, develope my shield Andrea from Survival Club, and put a defense like: Andrea - Ezekiel - princess - hunter and (spencer) so now Sandy appears in store, then I could use her because of her fast AR 66 and nice leader with all get 30% hp and large bonus to ap when taking damage! So she better can activate Ezekiel or Jessie healer as I have, the same with hunters revieve and so on - she also has revieve which is good. Rose from museum is also nice because she gives enemies for 2 turn -60 defense and attack / could be useful in defense maybe and her AR 300% 66 AP.

On the attack side I have Spencer - Ezekiel - hunter - gov and Jesus. I like to feel safe with reviver and good healer bor a traditionel setup bit guys im 66 in my region :slight_smile: NOT Big deal but im proud because I played for 5 months.

This healer could be replaced with Sandy’s healing (not the same as Ezekiel far from but still little) then I could have spencer - Jesus - gov making damage, hunter a little bit and sandy taunt. Tara from the store is a good attacking toon with same AR speed as the other, her rush is 450% (lowest of my three attackers) they are 525% - 700% and 550%) but she gains more and more attack through rounds, if keeping alive ofc. So I’m a little confused.

As for now my attack is okay, defense little behind as I’m using attackers in defense like Jesus, gov and spencer - NOT good… I bet Jesus and governor dies pretty fast when someone raids me…

Can u guys help me to decide ?

Thank you for your great help!


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Zeke lead for now (swapping him out for Andrea when you get her going), Hunter, Princess. Sandy, now unless you have an impair gun for Spencer, keep Jesus in. He does damage, but like you said, he’s an attacking character.

Once you get Andrea, run her as lead (or Zeke, they’re both rainbow leaders), Zeke, Hunter, Princess and Sandy

Work on stun guns for Sandy and Zeke, and an impair gun for Hunter. Craft an Abs defense with HP and Defense for Andrea. Change Princess’s special weapon to AP Down.

Mods are also gonna save you here. Work on defense and Hp sets as best you can.

Onviously, this will take a while, so look into getting help via friendly duels as you advance to this point

Good luck!


Thank you for a great tip!

So you dont Think i Should go for Rose ? :slight_smile:

You can get Rose for free from elite character tokens (of course assuming you get lucky). Since you will only get 1 of the 3 characters, I’d go for one you probably won’t have much of a chance at later on

Ahhh okay… so the choice is between Rose and Princess.


rose - 66 ap - 300% Damage to a Line of enemies - -60% damage and defence for 2 Turn
And camouflage and crit / im more into raids

Princess - taunt 3 enemies for 1 turn - regain up to 60% HP - indomitable
Active skill: taunt again

God dang you are annoying. Every dang post you make is having people decide things for you. Offer is back, should I get this offer, should I get this toon. Cant you decide for yourself.


For the Museum Collections, I would choose Bryan. He has a multi attack rush, so go for AP Down on his weap. Also, he can be a counter to the new Gabriel. Carl and Gabe teams can become a breeze with Bryan. Also, he has Collat damage which goes really well with his rush.

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Gand daaaaanf - what should I Else use the forum for ?! Waine about scopely like 80% do? Ofc im trying to get help


He also feeds into the Scopley machine. Lol

Go for Rose and Sandy.

I Think so too

Why is rose better than princess ?

She’s not better than princess

I mean 66 ap obviously. And -…% def which makes enemies vulnerable to double attacks and one shots.
Princess is more for defense and fast/strong teams, mostly at least.

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blackadder-gif-13 The way you typed reminded me of this.

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You can’t compare them , but isn’t obvious
If you chose Rose
Benefits :
1- a good drop leader
2- -60% art,def (but for a line of enemies which isn’t that great)
If you chose Princess
1- A heavy tanker toon
2- a unique weapons
3- a specialist (that means you don’t have to put her in lead to benefit 100% of the toon abilities)
4- she won’t be available in the near future

So in total Princess is way better than Rose


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