Helping the Player Counsils

Hi i thought i help the PC collecting things forum community want to be discussed.
I update this starting thread with you suggestions and maybe make a poll
What i read in other threads is this what we as forumcommunity want now

  • Top rewards
  • Quality of rewards
  • Gear shortage
  • Top100 list fixed
  • The development of the singleplayer side of the game
  • Scopely need to start answer followup questions of mixed information
  • Ascendance medals shortage
  • more things to do in the game mostly during “boring week” non war week
  • Add minigames in the game like arenas to always be able to spend 30 min on the game every day
  • A better system for reimbursments and compensations for gates and bugs
  • Regularaty in game, roadmaps that coming and going that suddenly gone
  • Advocate for 6-9 members more including @Dave-TTT
  • More ways to earn torches
  • More milestones

gear shortage


as a player i add my own most important thing.
fix the the top100 list i wanna see my name there and i fight to see it

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The top 100 list is completely irrelevant to the majority of the player base and does nothing to improve the game or game experience.

I would say rewards as my top most concern that needs addressing. Very closely followed by communication.


See we want different things.
And i think they need to see all sides, i am not afraid to say that for me that top100 is important.
Communication is a big object and i have never been afraid to say that it have been no info or mixed info from scopely but hard to put as one subject to discuss.
Can we say that they need to answer more?

Absolutely yes

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Ascendance medals shortage

Ditto I worked my butt off to get in the top 100 just once and I can’t large it☹️ Ps I will be back in platinum at the start of next season way to hard for me

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So the most important thing to you is a list of names lol, not rewards or gear that helps us progress.

I’d say personally and from reading the forum and in game chat, the quality of the rewards is just appalling. They’re obsessed with these cakes and bullets etc but there’s nothing to make you want to participate repeatedly. The cakes and bullets are for the long haul rewards.

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As i say we have different objects and visions. And should be mirrored in our response to the dev team.
I put great length of time in this game that i love, my goal is to be as good as i can be.

I wanna se my name there, maybe a small thing but i have always strived to be as good as i can be and like that i can measure it somehow.

I’ve put 4 years into this game and the rewards were more thought out back then.


I like the addition of developing the single player side of things to help flesh out and make the game more robust when there’s not much else going on, or when things get overly repetitive.

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You mean a wider type of gameplay so you have something to do for killing a 15min or 30 min like when ever

Yeah for example, Monday and Tuesday what else is there to do besides 5 mins of arena and and hour for level up. Zzzzz

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I agree we had nothing to do but chat in gc and fc
Arena is good for that but only get one ticket a day.
Maybe get faction arena with no ticket and no rewards but some inhouse combat

This is a good point. The reduction of non level up tournaments each week was a serious downgrade.

Any compensation for their mistakes if unable to rectify those (bugs, gates, choicebox 99 screw-ups etc) so that players don’t feel cheated after putting so much time and efforts, then waste lot more time chasing support.

noted as A better system for reimbursments and compensations for gates and bugs

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Pve side of this game is mostly ignored and when it isn’t we get SNK final boss levels of cheapness and the rewards never scale up to match the task at hand.


I have neither an ascendance/legendary medal shortage. I also do not have gear shortage. I am a very light to mild spender, but I also dont have multiple s class toons on my roster to cause a shortage. There is however a torch availibility shortage to gain said grindable s class toons.