Helping everyone with there town quickly

I’ve been playing some mobile games lately while I’m not playing rts and the one thing I’ve noticed that in some mobile games allowed everyone to have the ability to give everyone a helping hand when it comes to building there places a bit faster. Maybe scopely should allowed rts to do the same thing to help others to improve their town a bit quicker. I know that veterans who been playing this for a long time may not had to have that ability but all the people who just started or people who been playing for a while and wanted to start over from scratch might be good for the game. What does anyone think about that idea?


We’re able to give our faction mates helper reward tokens, what more do we need?

They should have make it we can pay 100 coins to upgrade more than 1 building.

Nah make it 50 coins.

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Just thought it’ll be a bit quicker for everyone to build up there places is all rather for us to spend our beloved coins is all… :blush:

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It’s really not a big thing though. What with everyone being stuck at level 20. Once you’re town’s levelled up, you get swamped with excess materials too.

Doesn’t generate income, in fact loses them $, not gonna happen

Unless things change some tips to build the town a little faster

  • always be building up your town, whenever you can be working on a building
  • primarily town hall, materials storage, houses / armoury
  • try to use the two 15% construction build in territories so speed up the process
  • armouries are important, but the best way to level them is by levelling up houses and then using food to convert. It’s less time and less wood needed to level a house vs armoury
  • whenever you have an SR store wood in workshop items so
    a) you’ll be raided less for resources
    b) you don’t run out of wood when trying to upgrade buildings

(There are other buildings you will he forced to build along the way but town hall upgrading is the most important since other buildings cannot exceed town hall level)

This seems fine,been playing for years and wouldn’t mind it to help the new guys.Great idea.

You only have to get your material storage buildings to level 18 in order to max out your town hall

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