Helpful information on reward prize boxes

Hey @JB.Scopely

Could you pass this one to the team please?

Perhaps a first world problem I know, but is there anyway in the next update the programmers can make it so that the information button on prize boxes actually delivers information?

Roster space is at a premium and it would be nice to know which trash level up prize toon is in which box so I can prioritise who to sacrifice from bad to worst :grin:


Easy fox, I’ll take those off your hands, what do you need with 4,000 tokens? Nothing that’s what…,…I actually can’t answer that question for myself either, so it would seem we are at an empass , well played scipley

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I believe the answer you are looking for is crap.

Useless expensive Crap is what is inside each and every one of them. :smirk:


But it says “valuable rewards” Scopely wouldn’t mislead us to believe we were getting valuable rewards if all we were getting was crap…wait…that’s the whole basis of their game

No, but I can see why they would label it that. To them, it is “valuable rewards”. To anyone on the outside looking in it is, in fact, useless expensive crap. I stand correct. :smirk:

Still to the op’s point they should let you see what’s in the box without having to open it. I mean seriously how hard would this be to program? People have been asking for this for quite some time now.

Fully agree.

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I would accept your suggestion wholeheartedly and open them immediately - If they weren’t so STINGY with roster space :laughing:

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They are all toons from 1st prize in level up events @Gho… Problem is I don’t know which is which :confused:

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