Helpful hints for Scopely

So today I woke up to find yet another premier toon for ascendance. There is a reason you are getting a Hugh lashback from the community. You just keep rolling out more and more toons which tells up yourdevs are working.just not on the right things. Nobody wants another toon we can’t level because of lack of medals and gear. You have to fix the infrastructure of the new 6* meta first. Nobody is going to spend effort or time or money on this. I’m out of t3 gear for 6s I still have yet to make a single 6 T4. There are no good avenues to get this gear. We’re tired of chance bags that contain gear that may have the gear we need but will more likely give us gear that is for a 5* instead.
When you started the 6*s you were on the right track with the gear and ascendance medals event that followed. He’ll put the gear RM’ s back up and the ability to get the gear from the museum like you did in that event. Add some T4 gear. Make it farmable. Work toward a better solution but give us a bridge now. Do something besides roll out more toons.


Wait till we get from Hugh Lashback to Hugh Laurie, they will never know what hit them.