Helper Rewards should get a Update


As far as i know the Helper Wheel was updated once and it added 3* toons and 3* weapons but now that we are in the era of 6* i think it should have a update like having a chance of getting a 4* toon or 4* weapon or even tokens for wheels idc what the odds are as long as it gets a update where its makes it relevant again im sure players would be happy because all these 1* toons and 1* weapons are already super common, i just hope someone sees this and thinks “Yeah, we do need a update on that wheel” i’d be happy because im sure players dont like this wheel anymore.



Add some four star weapon tokens in.
Noobs, and guys like me can benefit from more four star weapons.


Yesssssss so true


Put the next legacy ascendable in there.


Yeah. Sadly it’s one of still many Wheels still need to be updated. Along with the 4* Tokens, Prestige Tokens and Trash… I mean Basic Token.

Does it bring Scipely Money? No
Will it ever happen? Most likely Not. I already tried make a list how to overhaul them. Decided against posting it because they don’t care anyway.


Idea: put 4* weapon tokens 5* tokens elite tokens. 4* weapons. 5* ascebdables. With the ascendables make it only attainable from the supporter rewards


Same as the basic reward tokens. Probability of 1star recruits is 42%. They should be removed completely. Probability of 1star weapon is also 42%.


1* weapons need to be removed from there I’m tried of selling 100s of them. I don’t ever really uses what I know as crap tokens


Also how about this idea you have option to scrap them at armory or scrap them for mods scraps no wood required




Ya never know when you run out of gear trying for a certain weapon them 1* weapons come in handy, I doubt they get rid of them you dismantle them for parts to craft weapons


Im not saying get rid of them entirely but add something worth pulling for like a weekly ascendable with like 0.1% chance :joy:


So higher odds than level up than


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