Help* Wyatt or gear?

This question has probably been asked 1000 times already but please leave your opinions.

depends if your top 3 fact rank 1 go for both rank 2 go for both aswell rank 3 go for bit of gear

I am going For Wyatt, I need tier 4 Gear ,sure, but I need mele 6*s for my carl team more, all I have are Carl, Zeke, and I went ahead and Did Mirabell just to begin a ranged attack team.

Going after tier 4 Gear after wyatt.

gear would be my choice

Wyatt, scopely will drop a gear map one of these days and then can T4 every 6* we have


Not to be negative but army walkie talkies and school bags weren’t released until about a year in.


If you really need melee toons then go for Wyatt but he’s kind of meeeh imo (never caused me any trouble in defense) and he has a unique weapon that will be a pain in the ass to craft (believe me I have 2 Shivas and used most of my level 120 & 125 duct tapes on them :confused:). It also depends on your ascendance ressources. I only have medals for 2 more so I’d rather keep them for Glenn and maybe Gator if he’s decent enough (we can hope ^^) or the red depot gouv.

If you already a good melee team, go for the gear. It won’t be given out that easily soon I think. Just look at how much you have to do in solo LU just to get one random piece of t4 gear (and not even a gps or canteen). I’m getting all t4 before even considering Wyatt and even then I’ll probably go for t3 gear.

That’s not negative, that’s factual. I remember getting a few 5*, and being really frustrated that they were stuck at t3 lvl 70 for months. I can’t wait to t4 Dwight, but can see the reasons for getting Wyatt, if only just to have him.

In the same sense that gear will be available at some point, so will more ascendance medals and Benedicts, so even though the cost of ascension is high, it will/can be accounted for eventually.

I would echo what has been said previously and elsewhere: there’s a huge skew at the moment toward alerts, and ranged in general, so Wyatt will get steamrolled by top players, but tank teams can be effective, and Wyatt fits in perfectly on those builds.

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If you’ve read any of my posts you know i have no faith in this company, however the fact still stands that a roadmap will be added one of these days and we will be able to get the t4 gear. Maybe not this month, or the next few months, but you can still raid t4 6* teams with full t3 6* teams.
If you want this p2p toon, get it f2p as i dont anticipate many, or any for that matter, future easily achieved good free 6*s

I gave a thought about Wyatt - but then he is not a toon on whom I want to spend 8 Benedicts, 10 Liliths and 10 Ulysses. I’d rather wait for depot Gov or Glenn to become ascendable.
So am going for gear only.
To the ones going for gear - are you planning to get only GPS / Canteen or other T4 gear as well? Am yet undecided on this…

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I’d say the value isn’t there for GPS and Canteens. There will be cheaper options soon enough; load up on watches and radios IMO.

I did two opens of the canteen/gps and got one of each

Now I will save for Wyatt, but if not, more gear is a fine consolation.


if youre a spender get the gear cause you will get the toons from pulls anyway. If you are f2p get Wyatt as cards for you will be limited and the gear will be becoming more and more available with time.


Already completed the gps/canteen one and got 4 canteens (go figures xD)
Looking at the rest of t4 gear now. It’s so expensive right now (2 M in solo level up for only one) that the collection makes them cheap (from a #1 faction pov at least ^^)

I am doing Wyatt and as many of the gps/canteen collections as I can, I think I should be able to get him and all 4 but I’m not 100% sure yet. Will depend on how many more tournaments with nuggets as prizes there are. If you don’t have a lot of good 6 stars I would do wyatt. If you do I would do the gear first.

Not getting either of those until June 2018 I hear so Wyatt is well worth it for now to bridge the gap until another f2p legacy ascendable is out.

I pulled Wyatt and regret it

But I’ve been screwed on gear so many times from RNG…

Regrett Wyatt? Why?

i agree with gear, wyatt is only decent if you dont have many 6*

Gear. Has to be gear. You need more of it to make it useful and is more scarce than 6*’s. If the event ended today you could still possibly get a 6* but not the gear.

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