Help with team comb

Hey Guys,

I hope some of you might be interested in giving me feedback on my attack and defence team and possible suggestions on how to improve them with what i have in my roster.

Here is my current setup:
First screenshot is attack team, second is defence rest are my alternatives. Sorry for the merged picture, had to because of forum restrictions :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance for your imputs :slight_smile:

Erika, Hunter, Ezekiel, lori and andrea

Stun guns and impair


Are you Talking about an attack or defense team, i presume you’re talking about defense :slight_smile:

that top team - should NOT be your attack team. definitely should never need to roll 2 revives. You need much higher attack power in current beta to avoid being timed out in a heal/ revive loop. Seems by your roster that you area newer player. Hopefully you are in a younger region to be more competitive. hunter should be replaced. Ideally you can get Ty in the depot, but that’s something you will have to get lucky or patient with. You also need to build a red heavy anti melee team. that team’s absolutely not going to get it done vs. good Carl teams. Lastly, still need a team to deal with Lydia. Also wondering if you have an Andrea somewhere on your roster, she’s a great lead skill and Andrea was/is pretty available to most.

Defense - you’re going to have to go ranged. Play around with various Erika and maybe Lee leads. Need some better mods on Konrad and you can use him as a shield for the time being (although he’s really going to get crushed with so many awesome blue teams and disarm michonnes).

Thank you for the feedback JoeD

I’m playing on Darlington, which is one of the newer regions. I’m currently mid 60’s in raids rank. I dont Think i have a problem with revive/heal teams, i usually Seem to keep Them Down with my neut, confuse and stuns, but i am open to changes. Would you say i should replace my Hunter with the red Jesus? He is a hard hitter, but also somewhat of a glasscannon. Alternativly i could also go with blue Aiko? I am currently trying to fish for a second miraracer through ascending 4*’s.

As for my defence team, which is what i am struggeling the most with, i have tried a comb of healers and that conrad, but i’m just scared he might be too fragile against other teams.

try with jesus.aiko.erika or lori for attack

on defence replace lee for ezequiel