Help with Team Builtding

My last post was really messy so I made this one to hopefully have it more organized. I need help building my current team. I planning on making this a raid team, however I’m not sure if characters on my team would be better for offense or defense. I just want to improve my team, and hopefully you guys can help. Thanks

My faction just never seems to talk at all.

That’s the rest of my 5 Stars

Ok thanks

How long you been playing the game?

Carrie and tutor Maggie are both very good 5*, and will be usable even after you get more 6*.

If you’re going to use that 5* Negan, give him huge ap when damaged, so he can keep taunting/controlling. If you have anyone that nerfs defense, use them in tandem with waste not Sandy, so her rush potentially kills 2/5 of the enemy team. Also, if you have any guardian specialists, they will do a good job keeping your weaker toons alive longer. Grind SR for markers and get either Zeke or Dr. Stevens ASAP.

I think I see Randall’s forehead at the bottom of that last roster pic, and I’d replace Mirabelle with him, so you can neutralize potential threats when raiding.

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Ok thanks for advice, should I ascend my 5 star Negan or is it not worth it. Also if I were to add Maggie and Carrie, who would I replace them with? Also I’m thinking of adding that holiday login reward Solange. Is that a good idea?

I started playing in 2016, I stopped playing in 2017 because it was so hard for me to progress. And I just started playing again about 2 months ago.

6* Negan is arguably the worst one, so save your resources.

I’d use Maggie as a ranged attack lead, if and when you get her usable. She’ll need her weapon upgraded and the right mods to make sure she stays alive long enough to rush.

Carrie will need someone with focus to maximize her viability, but 100% heal reduction will be super useful against all these bonus hp/healers.

Okay thanks

do not ascend kirkman negan. he is horrid 6*. if your wanting for atk, kirkman negan lead, sandy, carl, (ascend something to fear maggie) and command heath (i believe that is him in the last picture above the ascend button at the end of the row with gator? if not, then 5* mira or javier. im taking it your newer based off the roster. carl is more of a def lead and with 5* your gonna need to rely on AR which is why i suggest negan based off of hap when atk and taking damage. good luck man.

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Dang i started in 2015 and had my main account in limbo since 8-7-2018 that scopley wont give it back.

Started a new account on 8-14-2018 and already have an S4++ team.

You just need to find a group/faction of people in your region who want to see you grow.

Been in one faction only because of how awesome it is and the friends I’ve made in it.

I feel u man. Sorry to hear about the other acct. Our group has been together for years and i know what u mean about being in a tight group. Foster will come in time. We’re full atm but will keep u in mind in case that changes