Help with Shiva 6*'s active ability!

Sorry in advance for my english. I’m trying :slight_smile:
Buying Shiva (yellow) from the saison shop yesterday I took her immediately up to a 6*/legendary charactere and what a beast she (or he?) is :slight_smile:
Among other things I was glad enough to raise her active ability to level 5/8. Here it got confusing. Her initial cooldown for the ability was the 6. round. Among those 4 levels I upgraded her active ability there was twice the “-1 initial cooldown”. To my confusion after that her initial cooldown was at 8. round. So I was really confused why the initial cooldown went up instead of down. If I recall correctly from my other legendary characteres their initial cooldown went down in the process of leveling the active ability. But I’m not sure.
So long story short does anyone have experience with leveling legendary Shiva? Did this happen to you, too? Is it a bug?
Would be glad if someone could bring some light into my confusion :slight_smile:

It’s starts at turn 10, at 5/8 it should read Turn 8 as there are 2 more -1 initials to go to a Turn 6 max (turn 6 initial is crazy long imo). You will rarely use her AS in raids and War but it will help in Roadmaps and SR. One use only is also pretty poor. She has one of the worst AS’s going imo. The rest of her loadout is pretty good though.

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I think I know now where I have made a mistake. Thanks for the insights you shared.

No probs :slight_smile:

Shiva is a girl.

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I have played a lot of fast Shiva, and I completely agree that her active skill is not very useful.

However, in longer battles it can certainly come in handy, so don’t forget that she has it. It will get her to rush the next turn, and add a bit of survivaility (real hp even, which is particularly helpful against burn mods)