Help With Roster V.3

Hey everyone, once again I would like your help on building my team cause I still have no clues on what to do.

(in order is carley, yumiko, gator, richard, james, camilla, konrad, yvette, dale, kal, duane, ezekial, shiva, abraham, and michonne)
Thank you so much!

Camilla lead, James, Shiva, Yvette, Kal.

Focus on Camilla, shes a great melee lead.
Yvette and Kal can be on defense also.
No one likes Kal but he is good, comes with an impair weapon, he is neutralize and all around going to help stop the enemy from rushing.
Yvette has heal, bonus hp and focus for 3 turns to only 3 but this will allow you to bypass shields and no be confused or taunted and also heal you team so you can stay in the fight.
Shiva is amazing and i love her bleed, if you get Rick from the leagues store you can use both him and Shiva and make a nice bleed team.
James is really hitting like a beast, replace his weapon with stun, give him some crit and he will kill yellows easy.

For defense you can do Duane lead, Yvette, Kal, Carley, and maybe that Zeke since he is gaurdian and will have crit from Duane but i would just use James or Shiva


Thank you so much! I still don’t know much about weapons but hopefully I will study on how to upgrade them. I’m also planning on getting negan rick soon so hopefully I’m not late!

Get your armory to level 20, level 18 i think and research the slot 3 stuff, most dont matter and is a waste to research them

Here is a chart of the slot 3 that you can get.

For yellow, only 8% ap gain and absolute defense is important.
For green, only stun hen attacking and ap down when being attacked is important.
For red, only stun when being attacked and ap down when attacking is important.
For blues, double attack is good, impair when attacking and impiar when being attacked is important.


Thank you again for everything!

Update on the Rick Situation:
I finally got Rick and started upgrading him, what team should I put him on?
Thank you!

Are you talking green Rick from the league Store? If so - he will work well with Shiva, Attack with Shiva first, who has a chance to do bleed on attack, and green Rick will double that damage for you with his Lacerater. You sill look like you will need Camilla as the lead. Rick In my opinion would be best in your attack team, rather then defence.

Yeah I was, sorry for the late response. Thank you so much!
Is there anyone else I could add into my team? A new character I have is green Knox.