Help with my team for a semi new player

Hello everyone. I’ve been lurking on this forum for a while and finally signed up. I’m an American living in Japan and play the game in Japanese.

I started the game a few months ago and got hooked, but quickly learned that toons and things are so expensive in this game. It took some time to finally see that they tempt you and you buys things you didn’t read carefully.

I’m wondering if people could give me some advice. Raiding is my biggest headache in the game. It’s so hard for me to find teams that I can beat and I spend loads of my gear tokens for food trying to find the ones I know I can usually best. Also, war can be hard to when I go up against level 125 teams with really strong teams (those darn Russian teams!)

My faction seems to be less active than before and I might end up with tokens for zek. Should I get him? I’m so surprised at people who have gotten most of them from the league store.
Also should I try for the princess from the current event?

Any advice would be helpful!

From what I see Carl lead green alpha shiva sandy and barker but yes princess would help a lot and save your tokens til next season

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Team 1(Ranged, Defense)- Lee lead, Governor, Mirabelle, Sophia… Jessie.

Team 2(Melee, Defense)- Carl lead, Shiva, Joshua, Sandy, Governor

Team 3(Ranged, Defense)- Mira lead, Governor, Sophia, Jessie, Lee

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Team 4(Ranged, Attack)- Mira lead, Governor, Sophia, Lee, Jessie

Team 5(Melee, Attack)- Carl lead, Sandy, Alpha, Shiva, Governor(for those pesky greens)

Team 6(Melee, Tough Killer)- Barker lead, Sandy, Shiva, Joshua, you need a melee healer

Team 7(Mixed, Defense) Javier lead, Lee, Shiva, Jessie, Sophia

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If you feel that you’ve outgrown your faction, then jump to a stronger more active one right away. Faction rewards help so you want better ones if you can help it. Yes loyalty to a faction is important, but I would say not so much since you’re still trying to figure out what you want and an inactive faction doesn’t help anybody.

Regarding the store, I would save your tokens. You have 2 good leaders (Carl, Mira) and I don’t think Zeke will help that much. Zeke can be good in a team, but he needs strong chars and weapons to support him and you don’t have that yet.

Princess seems like a good character, so is Bryan. I might try for Bryan myself.


Run, cancel your account get out while you can.

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Here are my ascendables. I’m thinking I should work on Bruce or Yumiko next.

I’m so used to having Jessie on my team for a healer. Although is my current team she and governor are always going down first or second.

Right?? After I tried for Lydia and Erika and didn’t get them after many tries I was ready to throw my phone done.


You need yourself a better healer, mate. Jessie sucks in general, you need someone like Rosita who heals quite a bit but can still give the enemy team a run for their money. Governor is a godsend, totally keep him on your team!

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It’s not that I’ve outgrown them because they all have more advanced teams etc. they hardly ever chat and in the past few events we didn’t place well due to low participation. Going to more organized team would be nice, but keeping up my rep points is really stressful since raiding is ridiculously hard. I wouldn’t want to let anyone down.

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Interesting… Stun active for Shiva and Negan is super useful, and you can never go wrong with a Disarm on your team.

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Well, outgrowing isn’t restricted to team strength. Activity is a huge factor in being successful at RTS, I would say a bigger factor than team strength.

Rep doesn’t mean anything to be honest. With the way this game is now, I thing you would do well to move someplace else. Regarding the raiding troubles, it just sounds like you need more faction help. You’ll need to go someplace that chats using a 3rd party app, you’ll find much more communication there. You have some really good chars, it just looks like you don’t have a focus on how to use them.

If you’re new, how do you have all of those toons?

Anyways don’t raid unless you have at least 4 4*s and team grade A+. Just complete worldmap and roadmap stages at your team grade. Newcombers can start at XP roadmap every monday which will help boost your player level and get some decent resources. Also join a faction at your level that is active, and finally keep on surviving.


If you’re willing to spend money to try to get to the top then the choice is yours.

I’ve been scouted so I’m in good hands now;)

I said semi new, meaning a few months.

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