Help with melee attack team


Yeah… Another one of this threads… Yay!

I have been focusing on ranged for a long time and I have a successful ranged attack team, but with all the new toons it looks like melee is becoming the trend now, I haven’t been very successful with melee weapon crafting so that’s a work in progress, but I would appreciate you guys feedback and suggestions on what combinations can I make with my actual roster

Thanks in advance!


Aaron lead alpha Bruce Anna Shiva


if u want a attack rick lead ty sandy rosita and gator for buffs
but for def javi ty (yellow) ty(blue)aris and maggie


I would go with all green based on Negan as lead, Alpha, Anna, Shiva, Glenn or Garrett. I use very similar team and its autoplay most of the time.


this is the team I run or most of the time red jesus


Could replace Dwight for Bruce


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