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Hi!! Sorry guys, i need help with something. I lost my phone with android, now i have an old iphone, and lost my progress. Can i link with my old account in this phone? I have my account code, and the last week i bought the 30days pack. I hope i can recovery my account because i play a lot and progress a lot in the story.
Thanks forneveryone and sorry for my english!!

Only way to get your account back is getting another android

Yes, you can transfer your account to a new device.

If the account is linked to Facebook, install the game on your iPhone, play through the tutorial, and then link to that Facebook.

If this doesn’t automatically bring over your account, open a support ticket on your iPhone (menu/options/support) and say that you want your existing account transferred to this new device. Send them your in game name, faction, region, level, account code if you have it, and a copy of a receipt to establish that you are the owner of the account. It may take them a while, but they can move the account for you.


Tried that in the past wouldn’t help me just said can only go from I phone to I phone and vice verse for Android

Thanks for answer, but if i didnt linked in facebook. Sending anticket to suport with all the information (code account, name, and the ticket of something i bought in game, can i recover it the same?

Yes, if you have a receipt they will transfer your account to a new device.


Excelent!! Thanks a lot!!

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