Help with Developer-Tracker


Whenever I scroll down to an admin (most often happens with @kalishane) it will say they posted say, 20 minutes ago, but their most recent reply was over 2 hours ago, or 3 hours ago.

Am I missing something or is this occurring with anyone else?


Could be a “like” and not a post. I’ll take a look. Thank you!

Do you happen to have a screenshot? I’m only seeing actual posts.


I think it’s any of her activity, ive noticed it as well. When you’re in dev tracker where you can see all activity of devs it may shoe most recent as 20 minutes ago but when going to a specific one and clicking activity their last actual reply would be two hours ago or somethjnf.


pm’s count as posts


At the moment it looks right, but can it possubly be updated to where under “posted”, it’s only public replies or have a separate timer for “replied…” Etc.

Would just help be more organized


How do you follow a developer?