Help with defense

Can someone or anyone give me ideas for a defense team getting my ass headed to me on a regular level 185 trying to use Minerva she is maxed

With just 1 toon specified, nobody’s gonna be able to help you…
We need more than that!

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I don’t think Minerva is a one man army kind of toon you will need a full team on defence for starters.

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Post pics of your rooster

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Hi there @Tiny, there are some great puzzle solvers here on the forum, who would dearly love to help you build a defense team, but we really need to see a pic of your roster so we know what we are building with.

What gold bar toons do you have? Do you have a Shield? What lead Toons do you have? What control toons ? Do you have access to stun weapons, absolute def?

We want to help but we need more info.

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So, sorry this would look like talking to a noob, but you gave no indication to work with, so here the general pointers:
Pick a lead that boosts HP, defense, or AP gain on defense. Mod the toons and weapons to make use of the lead skill boost
Need a reviver and a healer (two wouldn’t hurt either)
Human shield to hide behind
A crowd control toon (confuse, taunt, impair/ap down, or stun that hits multiple targets)
A killer toon (someone dealing massive damage to whither away the attackers one by one)
A commander to bring out the best of other toons
A supporter who buffs your team (bonus def, atk, ap gain, removing negative effects or granting focus)
If some toons fall into multiple categories, the better (e.g Pete as lead/healer/reviver, Frost as shield/healer/reviver, Princess as Killer/Cc, Slater as command/reviver/supporter)

One thing to remember is the toon placement. You don’t want two chatacters of the same trait in a line, especially not if one is a human shield.
Your resist mods should be either against stun or taunt (possibly both), but Priya doesn’t need taunt resist (you want to daze Princess if she taunts her). Your squishier toons and shields should have reflect mods, otherwise ap drain and eventually graze would work.

Since you’re level 185 you should have most of these toons or should be actively working towards them:
Pete Lead, Princess, Priya, Magna (red with stun focus preferred, but blue with impair/elusive also viable), Alice/Bluw Eric
Pete Lead, Wangfa, Doc Stevens (the syringe guy), Slater/Dale/Rick, Princess/Priya/Aarav


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