Help with defense team 🙂

Help me to make a good defense team
These are all my 6* and ascendables


No shield there but pete lead ajax Kapoor Morgan michonne. Not really much to work with

Focus on getting Priya. Pete lead, ajax, Kapoor, Morgan, priya. Stun on Ajax weapon. Hp mods on Pete and Kapoor, Def on Ajax. Atk on Priya and Morgan. Should be able to handle most teams using two or three s class.

Defense is a thing of the past all these OP toons out there you are better off perfecting your attack teams and strategy

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Aim for Guo with collections. You could make a solid defence with Guo (lead)-Stevens-Pete-Kapoor-Ajax(with stun gun).

With the toons you have, you need to focus on acquiring some decent Leaders for attack because you have some exceptionally good possible attack teams. Camilla has melee traits covered but you have the potential for some great blue leaning attack teams.

For defence atm I’d go Camila-Moira-James-Doc-Ajax (and mod Moira for Def). Amber is great but needs to be geared for attack and with all the Christas running around she’ll be ripped apart turn 1.
Camila and Doc will help James and Moira AR turn 2 for some early strong bleed, also allowing Moira’s Elusive to proc turn 3. Don’t upgrade James’ AS if you haven’t done so already, it makes him worse on def. But if he’s going off turn 2 it shouldn’t matter. Ajax doesn’t benefit from Camila’s lead but that’s ok because her lead is all about attack, so no shield from any trait will benefit from any attack based leads… and Ajax can hold a stun gun.
With the high bleed and burn you’ll be putting out, combined with the high damage from James and Camila, you’ll cause a huge problem for many attack teams (minus any with Priya due to her dazing doc). Most defence teams aren’t about the high damage and so many attack teams can’t deal with this. This is the route I go with my Camila-Raven-Kal-Glenn-Ajax team. And that team gets a huge amount of defences in war and when I’ve not dropped def in region. Albeit it is a windowless team and Raven is a significant step ahead of Moira.

You guys do know that is not the 6* doc right?

Ah damn, ignore that def team above then

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