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Hi Everyone,

I know this gets asked a lot, but if there is anyone that is still willing to have a look at my roster and make some suggestions for a good attack team I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you all :slight_smile:

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Maybe Maggie lead, magna (force impair and protect) tyrese, dale, andaube green heath as he buffs and dale debuffs. Could command dale a round early. Maggie if I remember is a rainbow lead. Ty needs an 20ap gun. Or bring a yellow with ap knife. All needing huge ap
You have way to many useable toons sitting unascended. If lacking medals do today’s road map weekly and buy crate in Sr depot.

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ascend and max out dale then come back for advice

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These posts make me wonder how many players really don’t understand game mechanics.


I have medals, just didn’t want to waste any ascending the wrong ones first, so thought I would get some ideas from other people. Thanks for you advice though appreciate it :slight_smile:

You have a valid point, I actually started post with everyone is probably sick of these posts then I deleted it, because some people probably like giving advice. Anyways I could probably just leave it and do something on my own, but I was interested in what other people would do with this.

I’d ascend Dale first and foremost. Got extremely lucky and got him on a single ( yes a real single) and I had him leveled from a 5* to t3 in a few hours. He’s worth every piece of gear. Also I’d say next target is Erik and possibly toons that would work wit him. You have a decent roster and have options. Use best judgement and I’m sure you see plenty of teams setups via duels and raids.

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Team 1(Melee, Fast counter)- Abe lead, Glenn, Javier, Anna, Shiva

Team 2(Ranged, Ranged counter)- Mira lead, Dale, Erika, Lori, Tara

Team 3(Ranged)- Mira lead, Ty, Bryan, Erika, Dale

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Try Mira lead, Tyreese, healer Maggie, Magna (if you have impair while defending weapon), and Richard.

You’ve got lots of good toons to ascend as well. In the future you should try Mira lead, Dale, Tyreese, Eric (or still use healer Maggie if you need the attack buff), and Bryan/blue Tara.

For a green team, you should do Abraham lead, Glenn, Shiva, Kal/og Shiva, and Anna.

Disarms are a game changer and if you pick one up, always have a disarm in your attack team.

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Thanks for the advice, i have impair while defending yes.

And part of why I asked is so I get an idea of whom to ascend next :slight_smile:

Thanx bro, appreciate your input

Thanx for the options :smiley:

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I actually got Dale just this morning on a single :slight_smile:

Game changer on attack. Went from struggling on some time out teams to hitting with ease in no time. Amazing I honestly didn’t think he would be as big of a change as he is. Only thing I wish is active was turn 2. Mainly depending on setup you have to choose between the 2 or have a 2nd command. Most timeout teams start popping turn 3. So beings you go first that active is crucial to avoiding the “revive chain” and heal debale.

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