Help with atk team?


Can anyone give me a few pointers for a good attack team, if possible over line app, just rather not post my roster on here for it to be removed or people slating it as a brag thread…


If you post your 6* I don’t think it will be removed. Plenty of ppl are helpful here. Give it a try!


Another thread…this should be interesting lol.


This all I have, no good weapons yet tho

This is what I’ve been using but it ain’t that good


Yellows and red are all over my region, mostly double romanovs double zekes, red maddisions, and govs


Lydia, Garret, Tye, Koa, Kal?


Andrea lead, Dwight, Erika, Rick, Ty/or Kal


Thanks bro I’ll give it a try


Uploading: Screenshot_20181016-220023_Walking Dead.jpg… like this, my weapons are so bad


Oh sorry you said attack team


I agree. How about your mods? Those will be more helpful in this case. You’ll get huge AP on attack anyway thanks to Andrea’s leader skill.


I’ve mostly gold mods this is the way I’ve been setting them out, not 100% sure about them as they are new to me


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