Help with algebra

Can anyone help me with how to solve a a couple of these ive just been slammed with a ton of work.

The bottom one I believe am sure you just added all The W and V’s up.

140 W15V13

The top one
9 x 10000= 90000

3x10-5= 0.00003

90000+6 = 90006

90006 divide by 0.00003


Not sure but that how I would of done it.


The top one is 15x102
The it will be 3x10-3

Would be my answer 5x10-1

Or 0.5

How’d you get this right

But get this wrong…

Not really going to give you the answer (because practice helps you learn for math), but the general jist when it comes to simplifying integers with variables is to keep integers and variables separate.

Eg: Multiply/divide integers and variables separately, then put them together. Know how exponents work when it comes to multiplying/dividing.

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Use the internet: or just google it.

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The top one isn’t Algebra btw it’s Number.
Is the top one asking it as complete digits or is it asking it to be left in Standard Form?
With multiplying and dividing in standard form (not with addition and subtraction), you can count the numbers seperate from the powers of 10 and put them together at the end.
With powers, when there is a multiply you add the powers, when there is a divide you subtract the powers. Note that the third power is negative and under a divide (so minus) and in Maths a minus minus always makes a plus.
So -1+3 +5 gives you 7. So it would be 10^7 (so far).
Next look at the numbers 6x9/3=18.
Put them together and you have 18x10^7

Now is the important bit - if it needs it written in Standard form you need to make sure the front number is between 1and 9.9rec. To do this we have to divide by 10. But to balance it that means we need to times the other side of the multiply sign by 10 (add one to the power). This gives us 1.8x10^8
If they want it in digit form then just move the decimal place the amount of times the power says (right if positive left if negative). This will give 180,000,000.

The second question is definitely algebra and I would say is easier conceptually than the first.
Simple rule here is treat the different letters and numbers separately until the end.
Remember your rules of indicies mentioned above.
So numbers first. 4x7x5=140
Next the Ws. W^8xW^6xW=W^15 (if no power is given it is to the power of 1)
Next the Vs. VxV^6xV^8=V^15
So altogether = 140W^15V^15

It’s up to you if you want to read through it and try the working out or just copy the answer, but the latter won’t help you progress.


Your phone calculator can do this for you lol

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Goggle is your friend here

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The first one answer is 18X(10 power 7)
The second one is 20(v power 15)(w power 15)

first one 0.69000/0.00003 ans is 1810^7=180000000

or you can cancel out 3 and 6 or 9. and cancel out 10^-5 and 10^-1 or 10^3 and calculate in easy way.

second one 475*(w)^15*(v)^15 = 140*(w)^15*(v)^15. i just added the powers of the W and V. and thats how you do it. can i ask which grade is this question from

In the British Curriculum this would be extension for top set/2nd set Year 9 (13-14year olds) work but it will also be revisited in year 10 and 11 for GCSE preparation. Coincidentally I was starting to teach this to year 9 today but much earlier steps (the basic indices rules), the extension was multiplying single variables with powers that had coefficients (such as 2a^4 x 3a^5). Next is Standard Form and then we will probably reach the above level by the end of next week. So on our curriculum and scheme of work, 2 weeks into Year 9 for an able group.


Im in 11th grade but this is actualy for my college course. I didnt really pay attention in the past now im regretting it.

Once you get your head round it and practice it becomes a lot easier and more natural for you, at the point where people have practiced it enough they only tend to lose marks by making careless mistakes like failing to notice the minus minus above for example.
If you want a website that has past exam questions by topic to practice it, physicsandmathstutor has some excellent booklets available for free. Look for maths, topic questions and indices. I use these in creating end of unit tests and exit tickets for the end of lessons.

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