Help with a defence team

This is my current defence team it does well sometimes but I was wondering if anyone has any good ideas for a new one? I’ve nearly got Rick, Alpha and Wangfa if that helps.

Angel-6star ap doc (I assume you have him since there have been multiple opportunities to obtain him)-Command (Rick when you have him)-Princess-Aarav is what I would say with your toons. You can go for Mercer lead instead of Angel but most attack teams currently eat the vast majority of Mercer leads for breakfast and there are sooo many ap gain toons out there atm that Angel is pretty sorted. You can also trade out either of the attacking toons for Priya.

My faction leader has an absolutely solid Angel lead with Rosita in it but you are missing the other toons to make it… plus it’s not my place to give his pretty unique team away.

it is a solid team but it would probably do most of the damage on turn 3 (I don’t know which weapons you are using).
You probably have some problem with fast attacking teams which are pretty common now.

I’m not a big expert but at the moment I can see 2 kinds of defenses: fast defenses who can rush turn 1/2 or tanky defenses who slow down the opponent.


Agree it’s not bad at all, maybe a Doc in there might help


Replace rosita with rick after you get him …

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Okay thanks man I’ll try messing around with an Angel team, id keep in priya beens a sibe got double attack with rampage and then try add rick into their once I’ve got his s clas.

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