Help us test our latest update! (22.5)

Hi Survivors,

Our latest update is already cooking behind the scenes, and we need your help to test it out!

If you’re feeling brave enough to join our scouting party, you can help us out by joining our Public Beta Program and try our new update.

Just be aware of the following before singing up:

  1. Public Beta is available for Android only.

  2. Due to save compatibility issues, Public Beta players who have iOS and Android devices will be locked from using their iOS Device as no Public Build build is available for iOS.

  3. There are a limited number of Public Beta slots available and they will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.

  4. Public Beta may not reflect the final implementation of all features and are subject to change.

  5. Public Beta Regions are for testing purposes only and players should not consider them as a ‘permanent home’.

  6. To prevent surprise Public Beta updates, we suggest Turning Off Auto-Update

Still interested? Then follow the steps in our Public Beta Program Info post and let us know your thoughts!


Now u tell us wtf I cant even try to new stuff

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I’ll love to test but I’m a iOS user


Can’t help, only available on one platform :wink:

This my first beta testing.

Will this fuck up my game data or anything?

Nvm Imma not test shit since my wifi off I dont wanna take any risks.

@ChaosShooter28 it won’t impact your current game and you’ll be able to return to your game just by opting out from the program (check the guide on how to do so). Just be aware that if you drop out of the beta before it ends and try to return later, your beta progress will not be saved.

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Everytime I go to collect thw mission for watching a video my game resets


Inbox opening crashes the game … Great work @TheTeam® :+1:

I have account in beta, tried to test onslaught/tokens but my account is in dead faction and i can not search for oponent :joy::joy::joy:

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Struggling for beta testers hmmmm say no more🤗


I’m not seeing a beta region? Is it not out yet?

Players in the beta region havent been recieving the arena rewards can this be fixed?


@WalkerTexasRanger game is crashing in live regions after update

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It impacts you game lol lots of bugs in return are usually present that crashes,force close, or completely don’t allow game to open sumtimes

Mine as well. I am not in beta testing, and yet each time I click on faction, game closes out.

@WalkerTexasRanger crashing when collecting coins after watching video. Or collecting yellow camp token. Rest is functional, so far. 450 coins for 10 mins, good bargain.

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Already a beta tester, when can we expect to see the update changes go live?


Unable to do any arena hits earlier in diamond league on beta 1.
Beta2 I could hit, won 5th place but never recieved the rewards (gold tickets + tokens for sclass)