Help! Unable to play on my main account


I was recently accepted to beta test. I downloaded the game to my phone so I could continue to play on my main account on my tablet. It sounded good at the time until I logged in this morning to find that the game on my tablet auto-updated. I didn’t realize this until after opened the game and started playing a bit. I thought an update rolled out. Anyway, now I can’t get back into my main account after re-installing version 8. My account seems completely hosed. I contacted support, but they told me I need to wait for an update.How can I get my account reverted back to recognize it should be on version 8, not version 9? Can anyone help me out please? TIA!


you got scopely’d, plain and simple.


Join beta again, and download beta version .


From what I know, you can’t do it. You have to play on beta version 9.0 till update comes out.


I’ve helped a few people out of this mess but it’s an absolute headache. You have to force the beta version onto your device. I assume you get a message saying a newer version is saved so you can’t load. Easiest way is to log in to google or apple on the new device using the same account details as held for the beta account. Then download the updated app through the account signed up to beta. Once done you should be ok to log back into Google play or other such. However there can be complications. I’ve seen US players stuck with UK currency for example. And the wrong bank account details loading in game. It normally corrects when the next update comes. The lesson here is dont mess about cos you will have a headache fixing this


Thanks. I’ve been able to log in with the beta version on my main account, but I can’t play roadmaps and such. It just leaves the stage when I’m done with no rewards or survivors or anything. Almost like I never played it in the first place.

Every time I open the game, I get an error code 11 and can’t even get into the game.


this can’t possibly be right, scopely never releases anything that is flawed or might be broken.


It’s nothing to do with scopely in this instance im afraid


Thanks all. I got the update finally which allowed me to actually play. So my panic is finally over. :smirk:


ROFPML :joy::joy::joy:


Thanks! That helped fixing the issue in my faction. :+1:t3: