Help to get this nickname

Hello survivals, how can i get this type of nickname? This “sun” i don’t know where to get… someone please help?

also: osho if you are reeding this, you are a badass player, and have a great team, see you next war!!

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Hackers only

geezzzz no way

That’s not sun but Cyrillic numeral. So called Leodr. It has value of 10 on 24. Just a short trivia :wink: . Now just copy paste ҉ or ҈ . Last one is called Legion and ꙰ is called Vran.

Tks man, tks so much <3

You cannot copy / paste anything in-game.

@vinimasotti they use a specific keyboard app for android I think, used something similar for iOS but most signs didn’t show.

I tried this a few weeks back, installed a keboard app and had a go… and hardly anything worked so i gave up lol

Plus scopes seems to have clamped down on certain names. apparently ‘ianybob’ is against TOS now, how or why I have no idea after being my name for years.

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It can be copy / paste. As seen on SS. Different thing is that you don’t know how.

A lot of keyboards can do that. Nothing special.

O yes, I think they use Stylish text application for wierd fonts. IDK for sure, not using it just knew what those Cyrillic numerals were and what are their names.

Damn I can’t do it😔


C’mon Tobi. Don’t make me tell your fac leader you’re lying.

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H꙰m꙰m꙰m꙰m꙰m꙰m꙰ 𝔩𝔬𝔩

lol copy, paste

You sure if it works with iOS too?

IDK about iOS and wierd fonts with Stylish text app alternative(s) but Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard has clipboard so I guess it’s easy to copy / paste on iOS too.

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