Help this is ridiculous!

@ForumAdmin or anyone that can help I’m not sure who to tag! Are there going to be a faction SR or anything this week to help with the weekly mission? You need 20 survival roads and the state of the road atm no one in my faction is even doing it bc its too hard. And I can’t get past the first stage on legendary today or yesterday. I need these comics! Can they fix this? Please? I mean they know the road is too hard. Everyone has told them. This shouldn’t be on the weekly checklist until they get the road fixed. Its unacceptable.

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Yeah theres a faction SR happening this weekend.

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Changed to solo

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There’s a solo road tournament coming

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Thank you. Have they gotten the schedule back up? Thanks ill go look. Didn’t know it was back up.

Another zzzzz events

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Lol… of course


Just read the calendar before you post

Yes the Calender was blank for ages, but it just received a clean up, there is possibly more things to be added, but yes there is a Survival road solo event marked down for a few hours time.

Thanks. Yeah I didn’t know it had been put back up. Glad it was. Thanks. Great on the new shitty event too. At least they made sure to add that! Lol.

Glad you thought of that! Lol. It had been down. So yeah. Now I know thanks.

Indeed. :slight_smile:

Or you can do the non tournament SR

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Yeah not doing so great on that lately as I stated. They need to fix it. Those walkers are stupid hard and unfortunately for me they always choose my weakest traits to set against them. :frowning:

I think that the OP’s point is that s/he hasn’t been able to beat even a single stage of the new SR for the past few days, so the OP is concerned about not being able to finish 20 stages within a week.

What level are you? I am f2p and having zero issues at level 260.

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