HELP Scopely,, there is only ONE cheat player that is ruining our gaming experience


Many people in laurens faction are tired of reporting to the player and SCOPELY do nothing.

nicknames player: COB, SUPERCOB, Who Killed LAU
Region: Laurens
Faction: Killers masters
Global clasification: 54


Nothing will happen - someone should check the spam filter on that cheater inbox…


Hey guys! This is true. If you have definitive info (friend code, etc.) – please send a report to the email here >>

The reason we don’t allow name shaming is because you can have any name you want in RTS and I’ve seen this used in other games to impersonate well-known community members and get them into trouble.

Thank you everyone!


Well odds are they won’t get banned anyway, so what’s a little public shaming going to hurt.


Many Laurens players have sent constant complaints about this player. We have been sending complaints for 2/3 months and the player is still active.
He has won the last 3 individual level tournaments doing 2.5 / 3 million points in 5 minutes (he always does them when there is an hour left until the tournament ends). He has won almost 5 road tournaments in the last 3 months (in all tournaments minimum use 20 drums each).
He has almost all 6 * in grade 3 with weapons of weakness, absolute defense and confusion.
His prestige increases to 350 daily, which means he does not use money in the game. So how can it be that you have all those characters? besides having several micchone blues, teresa, priya and all 5 * that came out these last 3 months.
We have already sent to scopely several proofs that this player is hack. What else can we do? Keep waiting? It’s been 3 months and many players have left the game because of this player’s fault!


Did someone check the spam filter for this box? I have seen 0 action against cheaters when they have been submitted multiple times…


Yeah basically they dont give a f we all know