Help S Class Hengyen

Question does his active i crease the crit chance to 90% or does this refer to damage ?

I assume it means the chance if so is there any need to have crit on his weapon or craft for crit expert ? As this is a turn 1 active ? Before you say just put Daze resist on him as well to avoid Angel.

Thanks in advance

Crit Chance is increased and increased crit Chance follows the law of diminishing returns so even if his active skill goes off, it doesn’t mean he will get a critical hit every time like crit expert 4th slot option

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Big difference between 90% and 90 crit which is what he gets. We have no idea what this equates to in action and if more crit makes much of a difference.

Just use crit expert on its gun

Sure with all the armory tokens we swimming in


However the 100% crit craft always crits. I can guarantee you that after using him with this craft for about a month.
His active makes it very likely he will crit without the craft. When Hengyen crits he does amazing damage.

Mediocre compared to what aarav and priya can do and that is being generous

Got to disagree with you there, I have him fully maxed with an almost fully maxed weapon (failed on an attack crit craft) and crit set mods with crit damage increase and he gives exceptional damage, and that’s not taking into account his bleed.

You cant compare it to aarav who can do over 4000 damage in one turn or priya who can do at least as much. It just is not even a contest and I have all three.

You obviously don’t have him set like I do then. He easily does over 2k damage against all but the most decked out defensive Sclass toons with each of his 2 attacks on AR.

Yes his attack might not be quite reaching 10k, but most people underestimate how much damage a properly crit modded toon can do. Especially one with 100% crit.
I also have Priya, who is an amazing toon. But Hengyen is outperfoming her in the damage dealing.

You dont have rampage then or her set up right. Priya can literally kill whole teams not 5* teams pete teams.

Maybe you are misunderstanding 4000 damage I mean 4000% damage. Hengyen does what 500% plus he can dh and some bleed which is less valuable.

True, I don’t have rampage on her and rampage does make a difference with her. Thing about Hengyen though is that you don’t have to rely on that craft procing like you do on Priyas weapon, as he can grant himself exceptionally high crit chance, Priya on the other hand, can’t grant herself Rampage.

Hengyen can dream about killing two while priya and aarav can kill 5…

Priya and Aarav? 2 on 1 now. Of course Priya and Aarav will kill more than Hengyen by himself. Aarav by himself will do more damage if he kills on his first hit so can AR again. But Hengyen also brings crosshairs, multiple stun and bleed into the raid, Aarav is just pure damage.

Each can kill 5 in a turn and I say this mainly for the people deciding on who to get. Aarav and priya are just far better for them than hengyen. Hengyen is more of a luxury.

Thanks for the replys looking forward to maxing him

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