Help removing account from a device


Trying to remove an old account from my tablet, but not having any luck in doing so. It’s tied via Facebook, but the Facebook account it is tied to I am unable to get into. I’ve factory reset the device and still it logs into the account after the app is installed. The only thing I can think of is to root and flash a custom ROM on to it, so it would be considered a “new” device. Tried in game support, only to have them not understand what I’m trying to do, and remove the ticket.


install game to a new device, then log in to your account with link it to your fb login. then your account in your tablet will re-new


trust me, it will not work. try my way, Amkuza. i know because i want to remove my account from old phone, i want to sell my phone/not use it anymore. i want all my account in that phone dissappear.

oh, & i dont recomend you to make double account with this way. you can get banned.


As mentioned in my post, I do not have access to the Facebook in question and I have tried to recover that Facebook account. Kinda stupid that there isn’t an option in game to do this, this tablet hasn’t been used since last December, and when I found it again I factory reset it right off the bat. Hopefully they stop deleteing my tickets