Help on a team build - melee


Hello everyone! This week has been good to me and I ended up receiving some good toons when this whole Lunar Event went up, notably Aris. So, I had a question for you all. Out of the following melee, what sorts of teams would you make? I’ll give my thoughts and then maybe I can get some feedback from you guys regarding synergy and the like. Thanks everyone, here goes:

6* Melee Possibilities: Carl, Wyatt, Zeke, Vincent, Joshua, Maggie, Aris, Negan, 2nd Carl.

My thoughts: Carl lead, Wyatt, Zeke, Maggie, Aris. With that being said, I am going for Absolute Defense on Aris’ weapon. Zeke has crit weapon. Maggie would get the other Absolute Defense weapon I have, Carl and Wyatt are taken care of. Thoughts?


I like it very tanky.


If you had a command melee you could work that in to it as well


glen comando? shiva? no me gusta joshua, negan…

carl, carl, zeke, vicente, aris … con armas verdes de confusión, y 3 defensas absolutas.