Help needed with upgrade of phone


I want to upgrade my phone but not sure if game is linked to my Facebook as I started a brand new account in Oct 2015 . The button in my settings (in twd) is greyed out saying account linked. Is there anyway to find out or reset what account it is linked to?
After nearly 3 yrs I don’t want to risk losing everything I have done over that time period.


I tried asking support awhile ago what account my game was linked to and they couldn’t tell me. You can ask them though, maybe you’ll get a better answer.

What you can do though is trial and error. Get another device, log in to what you think it is and see if it’s your account. Repeat until you figure it out. You can also probably use bluestacks on your PC if you don’t have another device.


Ok I’ll have to have a look on another account but I deleted my previous account so I could be screwed lol


Sorry I mean on another tablet etc


make sure you have screen shots of a purchase, your faction, profile, account number, region and email the lot to scopely through the support tab…with your new device already loaded with the game. They will switch it over for you.

But contact them first to confirm everything I just said…never trust a stranger lol


Ok thanks.