Help needed with league rewards

Hi everyone I wonder if anyone can help me.

I am still waiting for my rewards from the last league stretch, they are stuck in my rewards inbox but I can’t see them or collect them! I have contact support numerous times and followed all there suggestions but nothing is working. The simple answer for this is surely just credit my account with the rewards I have earned but for some reason they will not do this. Please see the response from support and advise if anyone is able to offer any suggestions on how I can get my rewards. I need my coins for war and also the league points to buy gear from the league store so that I can level up my toons for the non stop level tournaments and also to use in war.
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From what I understand you can only collect them in your main or highest ranked account. If you play in other regions you cannot collect them as this would be total coin farming which is a big no no.

It is my main region that I’m trying to collect them from

Not really your main region its the one you have the highest rank in leagues, if you have a higher rank in any other region that is why. If not that then idk you should get it in your inbox and be able to collect, make sure the text in box doesnt say to go to a different region, it will tell you what region is your highest rank in leagues and you can only collect it once even if it shows up in your inbox in a different region

I don’t play the other regions to get higher rewards. The annoying thing is support can see there is a issue and seem to be doing nothing about it. Surely if you can clearly see that a person is missing rewards and claiming they are stuck in there inbox without being able to collect them they should be able to credit you the amounts or re-send the rewards.

even the milestone season tokens?

Im not sure tbh. I only play in one since it makes no sense to push in other regions when i cant benefit from rewards for my efforts.

I haven’t got the season tokens either none of the rewards

I’m still missing s.road rewards from months ago. they wont credit u. I’ve tried everything as it’s happened to me before

One other time it happened and they were “in my rewards inbox” it took me 4 days of coin videos to "flush my inbox " a restart and redownload on my phone and leaving the faction over night.

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