Help my account pls

i lose my account cuz i use >2 deviced to play so pls help me take my account back
A transaction/receipt number of any purchase made on that account: NO

  1. Account name(old and new account) : Black Panther / Karen
  2. Account code(old and new account) : {edited out - LadyGeek}
  3. Main/Active region in old account : LANCASTER (EN) / CHESTER (EN)
  4. Account level(old and new account) : LVL 41 / LVL 8
  5. Name of faction in old account : WAKANDA FOREVER

Don’t put your account code here message support directly good luck

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In the game, menu, options, support will let you open a ticket with support. Or, you can open one on the web at

If you still have access to the old device, link your account to Facebook on the ORIGINAL device. Then after that’s done, make sure you’re logged into the same Facebook on your new device and in the game link to that same Facebook.

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Unfortunately scopely support can’t recover your account without a purchase receipt.
best of luck.hope you get it.

It’s not that they can’t. They won’t.