Help Me With The Team

For a while now I’ve been using pretty much the same S9+ team and have been doing good in my region. However, I can’t shake the feeling that I’m doing something wrong and not using the right characters or not maximising my potential. Can you help me figure out the optimal roster to use?

Here’s the list of 6* characters I have to choose from:


  1. Eric
  2. Regina
  3. Tyreese (Road to Survival)


  1. Ajax
  2. The Governor (Road to Survival)
  3. Madison
  4. “Jesus” (Road to Survival)
  5. Davie (Off-kilter)


  1. Glenn (Road to Survival)
  2. Dante (Rise to Power)
  3. Princess
  4. Rick (15th anniversary)
  5. Solange
  6. Bruce Allan Cooper
  7. Hershel (Miles Behind Us)
  8. Negan (A new threat)
  9. Elodie (New World Order)
  10. Knox


  1. Aris
  2. Sandy (Road to Survival)
  3. “Gator”
  4. Rick (Rise to Power)
  5. Ezekiel (Shiva Force)
  6. Javier (Done Running)
  7. Shiva (Road to Survival)
  8. Naya (Road to Survival)

Currently my team is: Eric (Leader), Regina, Glenn, Princess, Governor

Even though the Governor doesn’t really fit with the Eric’s leadership, he’s been saving my ass pretty frequently.

Right now I am working on getting Alert Donny for his leadership to try to do something with the Fast and Alert characters I have. Plus, Tough Douglas to spice up the current team. Though I am not sure if Douglas can be obtainted through 4* to 5* ascension. The info I found tells that he is in that character pool.

I also didn’t yet choose between S-class James and Christa. Currently, James seems like an obvious choice for my current roster, but I think Christa would be the better character to use with the right leader. S-class Pete is also sealed to end up in my roster. So, the potential future team would look something like: Pete (Leader), Christa, Governor, Ajax and someone else who I can pick along the way (Alert Jesus and Davie don’t seem like the right fit here).

So, can you give me your suggestions about what I can get from my current situation? Suggestions about modifications and weapons would be so much appreciated by me, if it’s not too much to ask.

Does the Ajax have stun

Not yet

Though I’ve been trying to upgrade it since I got him. So, eventually, he will.

So adorable that you still have faith

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i usually use elodie and slap teams on my def

I am not familiar with the term. What’s a “slap team”?

a team that easily beats others

What team would that be, for example?

personally i use camila as leader charlie christa and yellow kal and lastly the red yellow toon from war

It’s the stage just before “dreams crushed”.

Well, a little less than a month after and I finally put the Stun on his weapon

haha congrats…I was wondering who would revive this thread :stuck_out_tongue: