Help me with my team!

I need help with my range attack team. Honestly I have no idea what to do or who to use.

I also have Bryan, the toon from turkey maps.

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That’s the best help anyone can give regarding this game


Any actual help or u just gonna try to get a few laughs? I actually need help with this…

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Both. Some questions first though.

Who are you using it against?

What are your weapons?

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I have a red stun gun, an impair gun, and a double attack gun. That’s about it. I also just want a range attack. So it’d probably be against reds and greens.

Impair when attacking or taking damage?

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Taking damage

Do you have a 5* lead who gives very large ap to all? Tutor Maggie would be ideal.

What did you do to the dbl tap blue weapon?

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I made it geared towards alpha. 35 crit 30% attack and double attack. I don’t have an attack lead. Just wandered who gives 40 attack and d

Lee/Sandy leading, Kenny, Bryan, Alpha, Wanderer. Get huge AP when attacking and taking damage weapons on the lead, Kenny, and wanderer, give Bryan atk and huge ap when attacking, and alpha the dbl tap, which I think you have upgraded nicely for her. I’m not sure about Lee or Sandy, but I’d lean toward Sandy for the revive/control elements.

Rush order: wanderer, Kenny, Bryan, Alpha, Lee/Sandy.

Interesting you left out rosita for Kenny… never thought of that option but idk might work. Plus I’d think wandy would be better lead cause sandy and lee are defense leads. Thank you for helping

Welp, my strategic mind is on par with a seven years old but gonna try to help you out!

For attacking range team and with those toons you have… hmmm…

Gonna tell you this now. It ain’t gonna happen.

So far you have some good offensive toons for range team. Those being…
Leader: Wanterer

Starting things off. You lack loot of toons. No neutralize range toon AND no other range specialist to cover up range.

Best thing is, all of them MUST have AP drain. Either that or two with AP drain and the others with either burn or bleed.

Kal must have stun when attacking weapon and must be focused on def and hp mods and stats.

Bring huge bonus AP when attacking.

Do try to have attack sets that raise HP, ATK, or DEF on everyone exept Kal.

That is the only and best strategy for a “Range” attack team I can see with those toons.

Either that or change place of leader for Lee and change Kal for Sandy. That technically can work.

Never bring a 5* though. Even a 5* with a 90% bonus on stats is nothing compare to a 6* without boost most of the time.

P.S. Didn’t give you advice aside from Kal because mostly I do not know what is better for an attacking blue toon. The impair when attacking have worked wonders to me but the impair when defending is kinda random and haven’t been as useful. The stun when defending is a must for the reds though. Even rosita.

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You need to rush faster than the opponent anymore, and based on your roster, Sandy or Lee will help achieve that more than the others. Once Alpha and Bryan have Kenny’s crit bonus, they can do their thing pretty well. If you can buff their atk somehow, that would work even better.

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You think maybe if I get an Andrea I should replace wanderer with her for lead?

I beat Lydia teams with 3 5*. Five stars are severely underrated.


Kate and Carson are good five stars that I don’t have lol

Sandy lead, alpha, wanderer, kenny, lee. Stun on sandy, make em pay it theyre gonna try to take the revive out, impair on lee, double on alpha. I would try to get an impair like lori if u could. Would be a good replacement for Kenny or lee. Is that Brian u cut off on team 14/16? He would be a good too. More would also depend on what other stats guns have but that’s a start

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When Bryan is a six star where should I put him

In place of Kenny imo. I highly recommend andrea lead as well if it’s possible. I run andrea, sandy, ty, mira, Lori atm. Stun on reds dbl atks on blues

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My thoughts were wanderer lead, sandy, alpha, Bryan, rosita. But I wanted some more opinions