Help Me with my team (not a brag thread)


I also have Abraham (green), Javier, and Connor ready for ascension.

I have a stun gun and impair gun. No special melee weapons.


Not a brag thread pfft sure :wink: you trying to build a offense or defense team?


do you mean defense or attack…? hehe


Lol I took two 8 month breaks (one during shiva force event.) I’m looking to build attack and defend, but don’t think I have enough to have both yet.


Either or would be fine just like advice :grin:


wanderer kenny romanov lee and rosita


Lol yes brain fuzzy


Is this a brag thread?


I’d do something like wanderer lead kenny Lee Rosita and rom


Lol yes look at the hundreds I spent lmao


I have kal in but when Romanov gets to teir 3 I’ll pit him in


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