Help Me With My Rosita Build

Hi Team - I want to canvas you, my fellow forum chums, on your thoughts on how to build Rosita - I’m either going to S-Class her tomorrow or the day after, and I have some idea’s, but not so sure on others, what does team forum think ???

I’m leaning towards having her as a part of my defence team, but she will also see some action in Arena’s, not really planning on her in my attack teams, except for maybe onslaught duties.

Weapon - Where my head at here, is to go for AP up on attack and also go for bonus HP, I imagine because of her bide players wont initially attack her so ap on def is a little pointless, I want to get rid of def because I want her to take damage to trigger the bide, so max out the HP points, but I am lost as what to do with the 4th slot?

Mods - So again I want her to take as much of a beating as possible, so its HP set, with HP up, then I’m not sure if I want to give her an attack up against tough, or def against strong? I am also not sure if I should give her a resistance to stun/taunt, I dont really see a lot of confuse, that does not seem apart of the meta I’m in so not worried about that, and impair dont really see as a Rosita issue,but then the other thought I had was “Hay lets really mess with people and throw my Platinum reflect damage mod on her”

I think I shall max her rush, but at what point should I stop with her active skill?

So Like I said I haven’t quite gotten there with her yet - Blank Canvas for you guys to paint on.

So …3…2…1…GO!


Jacki or Lilly is the way to go lead wise for attack or for a defence team Jacki and Arron.

It would be easier If you shared your rooster.

Ah yes the long term plan is Jackie lead, that’s where i’m headed.

Try for fast heal

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If you are shy to put defense mods on her (which is a flat adder), adding a trait defense (which is a % multiplier) would be contraproductive, no? Reflect mod is OK, I guess, my most favorite Aux mods are AP drain, reflect and then graze (which is not a good one for Bide).
I’d go double resist - stun for sure (stunned toons don’t trigger weapon effects on defense and you want her weapon to reflect) and either impair or heal reduction.

Taunt is pretty common, hence also pretty common resist or even worse, atk boost when taunted, so levelling her active is a double edged sword. If you won’t use her on atk and even onslaught is dubious, and especially if you’d be using a human shield on defense, then better not bother - the AI will mess it up for sure most of the time. For manual play, her active shines for atk down - to neuter a killer threat (rampagers), so think again if you really leave her warming the bench on attack…

Weapon-wise, fast healing seems probably the best option, but if you get 15/35 in the process (and will be using Aarav, Hengyen or other killer, put them on the same line) I’d keep that. HP boost all the way, AP on atk is reasonable.

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Here is a list on what I did on mine Rosita:

Set with HP mods

  • HP
  • Defense against tough (since almost nobody use any hard hitting strong toons)
  • Stun resist
  • Taunt resist
  • Reflect damage.

For her weapon I changed the reflect damage from third slot (this is why I run up with reflect mod) and crafted 8% AP and HP bonus.
Tried to upgrade large AP bonus (second slot) and the standard defense bonus, but Earl, in the same way he gave me nice fortune for AP bonus he destroyed the last two crafts.

As you maybe noticed less defense points make bide more easy to trigger, so this explain what I did for mods.


Actually I like this Def against tough Idea of yours, I literally cannot think of a hard hitting green toon that would be a problem? Its all Princesses Mercer teams, with a Priya floating around, I will give that ago thanks Walishow.

And thank you @YSpammer I think you are right about the active skill, I wont bother, the AI will make a mess of it anyway, and I dont plan on using her as an attack toon except in Tank Squad Arena, I can always change my mind down the track if I want to use her in attacks and level it up then.

Cheers Team.

Then Pray that u dont Face Alpha or Michonne :grinning:
Because they can hit very hard


Alpha. That is all

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we need a anti normalize mod … hate princess

Stun Resi is no needed! Absolutly NO!! Did not matters if she act T1 or it S stunned her Bide triggerd if she is going to ge attacked!
What rly is IMPORTANT on her is Heal Reduction Resi. Anybody who had no Eye on this Resi Mod on her is not up to date. Infection Offs are pretty common. They all came with Heal Reduction

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nod, along with infection resist mods.

No need for Infection Resi Mods you can heal against it but normalize Resi is a niche

I’m just not seeing a lot of Alpha or Michone at the moment, but that is the beauty of Mods, if the Def against tough idea does not work out, and I am getting smashed by Aplha’s then I can just swap them, I have Plat mods of both, so I’m sorted either way.

Yo le pondría a mi Rosita S. Conjunto vit o defensa, resistencia confusión resistencia mofa,defensa contra resistencia,rasguños,vit o defensa depende del conjunto que le pongas

Y el arma sería vit defensa, buscale defensa 0 y lento en defensor nvl 4 la estadística 5* intentaré curación a 2 enemigos

Y si no te sale la curación de 2 personajes también podías dejarle la estadística 10% de def al comenzar el asalto también funciona muy bien

Thank-you my friend, yes I have lots of idea’s now, when I first got Rositia I do admit I felt a little lost - I never had a bide before. I have some really solid plans now, but yes I will definitely be doing something like this for her weapon.

Nga mihi nui kia Koutou

The only trouble with Bide is the same as with Burn or maim on older toons… It’s disproportionate to the max HP of the tanky toons of the S-class era to the point where it is becoming virtually useless. The one good thing it offers is the manual defend trigger to kill off a toon that is low on HP.

Still, a toon has got to offer a lot more than just Bide in order to be useful… And since you can’t tactically adjust the active (or rush, though don’t know who’d want to reduce that one except agaibnst walkers), you can’t really customize your Bide toons to be versatile :frowning:

I have everything i need to get my S-class Rosita (still leveling up the 6*s). As @YSpammer has mentioned the Bide damage itself isn’t enough to kill another full health S-class toon. But I’ve encountered a couple of good teams during war where she synergies with other toons and weapons. I still like her because she’s an OG character but also she is there to help slow down attackers.

I’ve been also entertaining the idea where I disregard her bide and just make her into a tank and focus on her firing off her AR constantly. Many builds to try. I will definitely start by utilizing the bide and maybe later I’ll switch up mods and weapons to have more focus on her AR.