Help me to choose between james & christa


I can’t choose between christa and james…
On the pics you can see the characters i have

Could you advise me ? James or christa? What members for the team around the chosen S-class?
Also, i have several weapons for alert characters :

  • one with stun when hit
  • one with +35% attack when hp >50%
  • some other but seem to be less interesting for christa


If you want a character with collateral damage, pick James. If you want a character that can hit 1 character at a time to avoid payback, choose Christa.

Any more advices?
Looking at my chars, what would be the best team with christa? And with James?(which leader,support and dps?)

I would honestly say it’s based of your preference. I don’t really have a lead or a team to set up with Christa. Now james, I could have probably really used him or found more usefulness being that I like Diego as attack lead.

Basically you have to decide if you have the setup to use her or is your teams more based towards james.

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You don’t want something that’ll just collect dust or force yourself to use even though it has no place. Know what I mean? I’m trying to explain well.

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What you are trying too say is you don’t want his S-Class character to bra waste but personally I went with James because the variations of teams I can make

It’s really based on preference you honestly have some nice toons in your roster between the ones already ascended and a few you still need to ascend that you could build teams around both of them

I personally picked Christa and am very happy with it she kicked ass this war

James is great with collateral damage to take out gaurdian shields and will kill yellows like lydia, jesus, dr stevens, etc easy and collateral damage is great for sr

Christa imo is the better choice, if she rushs a low hp toon she can kill 2 and then slow and 100% heal reduction to 2 for 3 turns, shes a killer and control and can give her a stun gun or ap down gun

Here is a bunch of team I have put together

The top is an s10 team

I went Christa. No regrets.

Firstly, it’s only a one hit rush if you don’t make use of Waste Not. Hit a weak toon and she’ll deal insane damage to the next one killing both.

Secondly, you really want that mug shot staring back at you everytime you attack? Creepy af


Christa with splash dmg… man she is destroying liking a lot!


Thanks everyone !
According to the toons i have, could you tell me 2 teams that would work well?

  • one with christa
  • one with James

I’ve never played range teams so i’m not sure if i can end up with a good one with the range toons i have

Thanks !

females are generally the better bet so i would go with christa

I got Christa, I think she’s superior, and still matches teams with Prya and Pete S class.
I even found some teams with James and it was no challenge for my Christa, she always kills someone.

James has stop sighn
And has very good sheild clear
His damage wont show til you strgehn the crit damage… It can get a bit crazy once you start hitting crits woth which is what he should be doing anyway
He’s fun honestly

Personally I think James is the better option,but the bottom line is that I have more and better options to make use of James.
Christa would have sat in my Michelle team happily but I have more green/melee leaders than red

went for James … he is a beast

Honestly, I think the question is not, “Who is better?” Rather, the question aught to be, “Who will be better?”

For example, after 10-20 S-Class toons are out – which will still be useful?

And I would like to know the answer to that question.

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U mean bide? cus payback is only triggered by rush