Help me, this game drive me insane

ok firstly, i play 2 account in 1 phone… so i unlink my 1st account to gain access to 2nd…but after that, i unable to link my 1st account…
so i try with other phone, try to load up my account, you guess what… my game been saved to new game… @JB.Scopely please help me… i been spent some cash on this account… sorry my bad English

They dont work weekends, inbox JB, hope you get helped

You’re not the first. Lots of people here have had their sanity taken away by this game.

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Send support a message with account number, screenshot of recent receipt and the account number of new account on other phone. They will transfer it to that phone for you.

After that relink it to Facebook and use a 3rd device to move accounts about using Facebook logins.

thx so much for those reply me… it seems scopley support no hope… i already sent email to them… dumb ass link account… if got bug, should not have this option… any tips getting back my old account? already clear data, uninstall still same

hmm if i forgot the account no how?

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